Data2Care – Maastricht Medication Datalink

What is the topic of this research project? 

Medication is (one of) the most commonly used intervention(s) in healthcare. Currently, medication that is prescribed electronically at the Maastricht UMC+ is not systematically recorded for use in research. As the use of medication and co-medication is of huge interest in a large variety of clinical studies across several medical specialities, access to medication data has a hospital wide relevance. The Maastricht Medication Datalink aims to create a dataset that includes validated, coded, and FAIR medication data from the current electronic prescribing system.

Who is the principal investigator? 

Dr. Yannick Nielen

Who is collaborating?

Data Expertise Community MUMC+

Are we looking for students or researchers to collaborate on this project?  

We offer short (at least 3 months) and long term (at least 6 months) internships for students with an interest in data processing, data management, and pharmacoepidemiology (and pharmacy). Experience with data processing and programming or coding is recommended, however some in-house training is available. 

Contact (research coordinator)

For any other enquiries please send your CV, area of interest and contact details to

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